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After 43 years of service, Soo and Tommy Fong are sad to announce that the Willow is now closed.

We would like to thank everyone who has made The Willow what it is: from our hard working staff and local police to our three generations of York residents, students and visitors. Thank you for your spirit, support and love of Jaegerbombs.

Thank you. We wish you the very best that life and disco has to offer. Don't Stop Believing.

The closure of the Willow Disco on 37a Coney Street has prompted some venues to host Willow themed nights. Whilst flattered that there are so many people and companies paying homage to the Willow, we would like to affirm that these events are not in any way endorsed by the Willow Disco.

The Willow was the Willow for a number of different reasons. As many of our loyal customers attest, it was more than prawn crackers, cheap drinks and cheesy music. It was a place where friendships were built and made. The Willow's much remarked upon door policy was to ensure a place for this to happen. Tommy and Soo Fong, the doormen and all the Willow's staff were fundamental to the Willow's belief in mutual respect.

The venue itself was unique. For 43 years, it was a Chinese restaurant by day and a Chinese disco at night in the very centre of York. There is no address other than 37a Coney Street that hosted a genuine Willow Disco.

As a final note, authentic Willow Disco merchandise will only be sold through this website and the Intellectual Property of all Willow Disco artwork is owned by Vicki Fong. We would like to respectfully ask event organisers not to use original Willow artwork or any part of the original artwork for their business's own promotional purposes. Thank you.

Loved It or Hated it?

Tell us your Willow stories, send us your stories and pictures of your memories to willowyork2015@gmail.com and we may just post them onto this site!

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Willow Restaurant Disco & Bar
  Willow Restaurant Disco & Bar